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Munich The Capital

Munich the capital of Bavaria is one of the largest cities in Germany situated at the edge of the German alps a short distance from Austria and Italy in the heart of Central Europe. It is the second most popular German city after Berlin, amongst visitors Munich or München, often called the City with Heart, is a top travel destination offering a variety of attractions for all ages and interests. Munich is an important cultural center as well as being one of Germany's intellectual centres with excellent universities. It is home to a wide spectrum of industries and businesses from advanced technologies to publishing and the German film industry.

City of Attraction

Munich is the largest city in the south of Germany and is about an hour and a half drive from the Alps. Most of the time the mountains are just a dark unclear shadow on the horizon, but with the right weather conditions - specifically a special wind called the Foehn - they become crystal and beautifully clear. This is when the postcard pictures get taken. Munich is very close to Austria, Switzerland and after a short hop through Austria, also Italy. Munich is home to a range of excellent museums and art galleries: from the Pinakothek museums with their impressive collections to the German Museum. Munich is a very culturally active city too with its orchestras, ensembles, opera house and theatres. All major music artists pass through Munich on their European tours. Browse any of Munich's events magazines to get a sense of how much is going on and if you're here for a longer stay, there are even two English cinemas.

Things to do in Munich

Although Oktoberfest and biergartens are a big part of Munich life, they aren't the only things going for this cosmopolitan city. You'll also find several interesting museums, the Residenz Royal Palace, the Bavarian State Opera and even BMW World among its varied attractions. And nightlife — plus the sleek stores to dress you for the partying — should not be missed. For details please visit Munich Tourism website

Important Information

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